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  • Tara Blooms Private Limited (hereinafter referred to as “The Company”)
  • Farmer.Live, Agri-Companies.Live, “Tara Blooms” monthly Magazine -  Projects of Tara Blooms Private Limited (hereinafter referred to as “Services Platform”). This platform comprises of all solutions offered by these projects including websites, mobile applications, magazine, portal, technology platforms, offerings, trademarks etc.
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The following is an “Agreement” between you (“User/Customer”) and Tara Blooms Private Limited (“The Company”).


These terms and conditions are applicable to the users of the various services platforms offered under the umbrella of Tara Blooms Pvt Ltd.  

Tara Blooms Pvt Ltd., uses a co-branding approach and therefore the terms are applicable inter alia from Farmer.Live, Agri-Companies.Live,“Tara Blooms” Magazine and all future projects, which will be made available under the umbrella of the company.

Those users who are not willing to abide by the terms of the agreement may not use the “Services Platform” offered by the “The Company”.



Before you subscribe to and/or begin participating in using the “Services Platform”, “The Company” believes that you have fully read, understood and accepted the terms and conditions  “Agreement”.  By using the services of the Company through the “Services Platform” you agree to the terms and conditions of “The Company” and the “Services Platform”

If you do not agree to or wish to be not bound by Agreement, you may not access or otherwise use the “Services Platform” offered by “The Company”. 

Subject Matter of the Company

Tara Blooms Private Limited, is the company which functions through 3 of its major service platforms under brand names:

  •” ‘-  Service platform for farmers.
  •” - Membership platform connecting the people in the agricultural sector. 
  • “Tara Blooms” Monthly Magazine - A Premium Monthly Agri Magazine providing valuable information to Farmers and people in the agricultural sector.

The functioning of the company through its three “Service Platforms” as a “co-brand” are subject to the “clauses and phrases” detailed in the Terms and Conditions section. 

The terms and conditions of future agricultural projects under the umbrella of Tara Blooms Pvt Limited will as well be applicable as newer projects are added under the company.



Farmer.Live was launched with a social perspective by Tara Blooms Private Limited to help Farmers, Farmer Associations, Exporters and Buyers.  The company focuses on leveraging the advancements in agricultural technology and Information technology thereby improving the standards of productivity and easing up marketability of the produce by facilitating a technological platform where farmers can get in touch with prospective buyers online through the platform. Thus, contributing to the prosperity of farmers in turn improving agriculture in India.


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www.Agri-Companies.Live is a dedicated communication and collaboration platform where buying and selling of agricultural machinery, equipment, produce and derived agricultural products take place, initiated by online communications and corroborated by online and/or real-time meetings, marketing and sales executions. The platform has been built to help the Farming sector by connecting agricultural companies, dealers and sellers with farmers and buyers from across the globe.   

  We achieve this by connecting registered farmers with agricultural companies, dealers and sellers through the platform.  Thereby making networking easier for companies dealers and sellers and marketing easier for farmers.  Right products reach the places of  trade easily and quickly.



  • “Tara Blooms” A Premium Agricultural Monthly Magazine focuses on publishing information related to advancements in agricultural technology and useful news articles and informationals related to agricultural practices. 
  • The magazine will feature useful advertisements and catalogs concerning companies offering agricultural machinery, products, and services.



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